Roof Coatings by JWS Construction LLC

While sometimes overlooked, your roof is your property's shield against the natural elements of the outside world. Your roof protects your property from wind, rain, UV rays and debris. It goes through a lot and should be protected adequately.

The team at JWS Construction LLC has been installing top-quality roof coverings for many years. We have the proper tools and know-how to have your coating installed seamlessly.

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Understanding Roof Coatings

A high-quality roof coating will protect your roof against natural elements that would otherwise work to decrease the overall function and quality of your roof over time. Destructive elements may include water, wind, chemicals, or debris.

Roof coatings can be fitted on residential or commercial roofs of all shapes and sizes. They are durable and work to protect your roof and increase its lifespan for years into the future.

Maintain Your Roof's Elastic Properties With a Roof Coating

The main objective of a roof coating is to decrease the risk of damage and to provide level waterproofing protection, keeping your interior dry and safe. Another significant advantage to our roof coating installation is the ability to promote energy efficiency, as it allows for an additional layer of insulation and keeps heated and cooled air indoors.

Lastly, our roof coatings are a fabulous way to avoid the waste associated with a complete roof tear-off and replacement.

Roof Coatings: Designed for Protection

One of the very best ways to extend the lifespan of your roof and save money is to install a protective elastomeric roof coating.

Roof coatings can be made from a variety of materials and are built to last for many years.

Some of the most common roof coatings include:

  • Acrylic
  • Asphalt
  • Silicone
  • Polyurethane

Roof Coating Consultation

When you get in touch with us about roof coating services, we will schedule a detailed inspection and consultation appointment at your earliest convenience. Our technicians will arrive at your property and survey the shape, slope, and size of your roof. We will take accurate measurements and get an idea of how much product is needed. Once you choose a material for your roof coating, we are happy to provide you with an accurate estimate for the total cost of the installation.

Roof Coating Installation

Once the initial assessment is complete, the installation can commence. We will begin by cleaning the roof's surface, repairing cracks and filling holes. We will then roll or spray the coating material to your roof, bridging any small cracks and seams. From there, we will let the coat dry and cure.

We will perform a final inspection to ensure the success of the installation before we leave your property.

Waterproof Roof Membrane Installation

Many flat roofs require a specially constructed rubber roof membrane that keeps it well protected and waterproof. Our roof coating technicians will work quickly and efficiently to install the roof membrane according to industry standards. It's a complex job, but the end results are awe-inspiring.

Make the most of your investment by installing a roof coating that's specially designed for your roofing system. Better waterproofing and zero water damage are just a phone call with JWS Construction LLC.

Roof Coating Restoration

Over time, your roof coating may deteriorate through exposure to the elements. To make sure that you get the lifespan you expect out of your roofing system, it's important to restore your roof coating where necessary.

With a range of roof coating types, each for a different roofing system, we will help you keep your roof working well for years to come. Typically, our roof coatings are designed for the many types of flat roofs that are currently on the market. However, if you have a steep sloping roof, we may still be able to help you!

Roof Resealing and Repair

We perform a detailed inspection of your roof's current condition to identify potential or current problem areas. We offer roof sealing services for:

  • Asphalt roofing
  • Modified bitumen roofing
  • EPDM roofing
  • Single-ply membrane
  • Metal roof (both low and steep slope)
  • And more!

Once we have determined the problem areas with your roof, we will select the sealant that is appropriate to your roofing materials. Each roofing material requires its own specialized sealant and application process. In some cases, as with EPDM roofing, the spray-on silicone restoration membrane goes right on top. With other materials, the sealant may be applied only to the roof's protective sub-layer.

If you suspect that your commercial or residential roofing system might be in need of a new sealant, call our experts for a quote.

Save Energy with New Roof Coating Application

Did you know that the right roof membrane can actually lower your overall energy costs? Because many of our installations use a white or light grey coating, this reflects the sun's light rather than allowing the darker roofing to absorb it. Studies have shown that white silicone roof coatings can reduce overall energy costs by as much as 35%!

Image the cost savings, especially on large commercial properties, simply by altering your roof's reflectivity. Call now to learn more and speak to an expert.

Protect the Integrity of Your Roof

Your roof was a big investment. Make the most of it by investing in a roof coating that's designed to keep the elements out. Over the years, you'll see the difference: fewer repairs, less maintenance, and an overall more durable roof.

Through better waterproofing, you will find that your flat roof sags less, leaks less, and maintains its structural integrity for longer. After all, with better waterproofing you'll get better drainage, and the whole system will work better.

Contact JWS Construction LLC today to book an appointment with the team who wants to protect your investment. We're in it for the long haul. Join us by calling now!